Timo Janzen

Voice group: Bass

Timo Leonard Janzen was born in 1970 and initially studied German as well as church and school music in Osnabrück and Hanover before embarking on a program of vocal studies with Carl-Heinz Müller which ran from 1995 to 1999. Further teachers included Werner Compes, Kurt Widmer, Walter Berry, Bernd Weikl and Thomas Quasthoff. While still a student, he was contracted for guest performances in Bremen and Hanover, and likewise engaged for free-lance productions in Meppen and Göttingen.

His favorite musical activity at the present time is his active concert work, which is largely concentrated on performances in northern Germany, presenting both oratorio and recital performances.

Timo Janzen has been a regular member of the Bavarian Radio Chorus since 2001.

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