Thomas Hamberger

Voice group: Bass

“Slow and steady wins the race …”, this quote from Æsop certainly applies to Thomas Hamberger’s finally being called to his present position in the Bavarian Radio Chorus in January of 2008.

Prior to that, he had been a free-lance ensemble musician for over 23 years, and so the offer to assume a part-time position as a “regular” member of the bass section fit right in with his (as he felt, enormously important) musical plans while, of course, continuing to work in an ensemble on his way to appearances as a soloist in oratorios and recitals.

Born in Bayreuth, he grew up in a passionately musical family: his father was a choral director, his mother a soprano, and all three of his sisters helped paddle the boat in the church choir (where they also sang solos). While studying mechanical engineering, he took private voice lessons and also sang in several ensembles as well as playing the timpani, but he was primarily active as a singer. When, after receiving his engineering diploma, he did not immediately find a job, he successfully auditioned for the BR-Chor’s concert chorus, and then his “fate” took its course.

Since 1984, his singing career has experienced a slow but steady development, taking him not only throughout Germany but also to a number of other countries including Israel, where he performed his – very personal – interpretation of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” right near where the events took place.

An equally memorable experience with the Bavarian Radio Chorus also brought him to Israel: the world première of Penderecki’s “Seven Gates of Jerusalem” commemorating the 3,000th anniversary of the city.

Thomas Hamberger has been a regular member of the Bavarian Radio Chorus since 2008.

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