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Rupert Huber: ruh-i-gulab / Mein Venedig

Rupert Huber conducts Rupert Huber (I). In recent years this composer-conductor has often performed his own works with the BR Chorus, opening the ears of audiences and singers alike to music that is anything but commonplace. In their ideas and sounds his words venture not only into the world of distant cultures and regions but into great literature and world religions.

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Die Seele der Rose

Modem for five-part mixed choir, Egyptian Madīḥ Ensemble and ten bowl-bells
based on a poem by Ğalāl-ad-Din Rūmī (translated by Friedrich Rückert) and part of the “Poem of the Mantle” by Sharaf al-Din al-Būsīrī

Madīḥ Ensemble
Sheikh Arabi Farag, singing
Ahmad Arnab, kawala
Roman Bunka, ūd
Fikri El-Qināwī, rabābā
Issam El-Mallah, frame drums

Doris Huber bowl-bells
Bavarian Radio Chorus
Rupert Huber


Rupert Huber
Mein Venedig

Modem for mixed choir, bowl-bells, ocarinas and pipes, based on the poem of the same title by Rose Ausländer
Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk

Bavarian Radio Chorus
Rupert Huber

CD, NEOS 11606


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