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Rupert Huber: Nachklang – Rose

Rupert Huber conducts Rupert Huber (II). In recent years this composer-conductor has often performed his own works with the BR Chorus, opening the ears of audiences and singers alike to music that is anything but commonplace. In their ideas and sounds his words venture not only into the world of distant cultures and regions but into great literature and world religions.

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Rupert Huber
Nachklang – Rose

for mixed choir and ensemble with Persian instruments (2012)
Commissioned by Bavarian Radio Chori

Bavarian Radio Chorus
Soloists: Simona Brüninghaus, Margit Kinzel, Michaela Knab, Stefanie Rückel, Beate Gartner, Jutta Neumann, Gabriele Weinfurter

Dastan Ensemble
Pejman Hadadi, tombak/dayereh
Behnam Samani, daf /dayereh/kuzeh
Saeed Farajpouri, kamanche
Hamid Motebassem, tar
Arman Sigarchi, barbat

Rupert Huber

for choir and trombone (1995)
based on a text from Revelation

Mike Svoboda, trombone
Bavarian Radio Chorus

Rupert Huber
Der kranke Mann

Variations and Fantasia on a theme by Robert Schumann, based on a text by Heq
for a-cappella choir (1991)

Bavarian Radio Chorus
Rupert Huber conductor

CD, NEOS 11607


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