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Mozart - Requiem D minor, KV 626 (with an introduction to the work)

Mozart's unfinished last composition, the Requiem in D minor from 1791, is one of the most famous compositions of the Latin Mass for the Dead. The version on this CD, submitted by Howard Arman for the Bavarian Radio Chorus, is based on Mozart's sources and the additions by Franz Xaver Süßmayr. CD 2 of this release offers an introduction to the work by Markus Vanhoefer (in German) from the series BR-KLASSIK WISSEN - Wege zur Musik.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Requiem D minor, KV 626

With an introduction to the work by Markus Vanhoefer

Christina Landshamer, soprano
Sophie Harmsen, mezzo soprano
Julian Prégardien, tenor
Tareq Nazmi, bass

Nikolaus Pfannkuch, Cantor of the antiphones
Raphael Alpermann, organ

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

Howard Arman

2 CDs, BR-KLASSIK 900926
Booklet: in German / in Englisch
Total time: CD 1 80‘38 min. / CD 2 73’03 min

About the work:
Although it remained incomplete as Mozart’s last work, the Requiem in D minor (1791) ranks  as one of the most important settings of the Latin Mass for the Dead ever written. Immediately after Mozart’s all too premature death, his pupil Franz Xaver Süßmayr elaborated a completed version that is still appreciated and regularly performed to this day because of its close proximity to the original – and this despite a number of new adaptations created over the years that sometimes add cautious improvements to the Süßmayr version or instead follow their own lights entirely. – Mozart’s Requiem KV 626 from 1791 is followed by Sigismund von Neukomm’s Libera me, Domine, the Respond from the Liturgy of Exequies composed by Neukomm in 1821 as a liturgical completion of Mozart’s Requiem for a performance in Rio de Janeiro (the Salzburg composer Neukomm had emigrated to Brazil in 1816).

About the edition: The version submitted by Howard Arman for the Bavarian Radio Chorus is based on surviving Mozart sources as well as on Süßmayr’s additions; in several places, however, it reaches new conclusions that are implemented with due caution and humble respect for Mozart’s magnificent original. Mozart’s Requiem is followed by Neukomm’s Respond Libera me, Domine – and for musical, liturgical and chronological reasons, the programme begins with Mozart’s Vesperae solennes de Confessore KV 339 (1780). The psalms and the Magnificat of the Vesperae are liturgically framed by antiphons taken from the festival vespers De Confessore Pontifici (“for a confessor who was a bishop”) of the Gregorian Liber usualis. The antiphons performed by the cantor are followed by organ intonations created especially for this project by Howard Arman.

About the production: Howard Arman’s version of Mozart’s Requiem can be heard separately, or experienced in an unusual but impressive combination with the Vesperae solennes de Confessore and Neukomm’s Libera me, Domine. The CD contains the programme of the concert ”In memoriam Mariss Jansons”, recorded live on January 25, 2020 in the Herkulessaal of the Munich Residenz. The high-profile list of soloists includes Christina Landshamer, Sophie Harmsen, Julian Prégardien and Tareq Nazmi; the Bavarian Radio Chorus and the period-instrument ensemble Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin are conducted by Howard Arman. –

Introduction to the work: The second CD, “Wege zur Musik” (”Paths to Music”), provides an introduction to Mozart’s Requiem by Markus Vanhoefer, spoken by Christian Baumann, Hans Jürgen Stockerl, Norman Hacker, Franziska Ball and Katja Schild. This introduction to the work is supplemented by excerpts from an insightful interview with Howard Arman.


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